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iT as valid information for your transactions

Let us take the market for LED video walls. About 97% of all suppliers for LED video screens are Chinese manufacturers. In China there are approx. 1 000 companies that claim to be manufacturer. After systematic assessment of this market, we assume, that nearly 80% of them are completely unsuitable for western markets. But please note, they still deliver their goods to Europe. We have checked the exhibitors from the ISE in Amsterdam and found that 2018 approx. 75% of all exhibitors from China cannot fully comply with CE although they claim that. Some of the shown certificates were rather issued by photoshop, than an accredited laboratory. That is the reason we cross-check in our partner labs, in case any information may be in doubt.

After we scanned the supplier market we will send out inquiries to qualified suppliers based on technical and legal requirements, such as product specifications, certifications, incoterms and payment conditions. We negotiate closely to your guidelines and extract the uttermost possible out of your target price without comprising the product quality. We help our suppliers in this process and offer them benchmarking in order to improve their competitiveness. We see the entire value chain as a cooperation, because the end-customer wants to have excellent products at reasonable price. So we cooperate on all levels of the value chain with our knowledge and experience in order for our customer to have great products at low cost. This strategy is especially successful at very large-scale production and serial business. To make our customer even more happy, we consult his production facilities and we try to solve some problems, which other supplier so far just did not care about. This information we feed back to our suppliers, so they can adjust their product and process even more so all the value chain is running smoothly. We call that vertical product management and committed customer service.

Will assure the compliance with highest manufacturing standards and be a reliable indicator for a good product quality. Many factories hold an ISO9001 certificate, but still not comply with it. From outside many product look nice, if you want to know their value, then you need to look inside and check the Bill of Materials. But only if you have checked the manufacturing process, have seen which machines are used, how qualified is the staff, and at which critical process steps there are quality checks in place, then you can evaluate if the product will still be good in years to come. You get what you pay is also true in China. But be aware, expensive is not an reliable indicator for good quality!

Are necessary to ensure that what you have ordered is also what you will get delivered. We nearly always check in the factory before we release the balance payment. Depending on the depth of the pre-shipment inspection there will be detailed product inspection reports e.g. based on EN 10204
With Project management and project execution. It is always recommended to set clear specifications for any order and have the knowledge and manpower to verify that before payment. For large orders it may be reasonable to even modify existing designs, or even take responsibility for Design and engineering ourselves. Selected manufacturer are then invited to quote on manufacturing this special order/product.
Do you feel well to send big money to an unknown Chinese supplier (typically 30% at order) and 70% before shipment? A trustee service in combination with factory audits and pre-shipment inspections are a good choice to reduce the risk of business
Sometimes you may want to be invisible on the sourcing market, because there is a limited number of quality suppliers and you don’t want that your competitors know, that you may be sourcing at certain suppliers. The news about your business will spread quickly, except we are in between and guarantee your integrity. This strategy may increase your competitiveness at the same time. Some of your suppliers may share your confidential information with your competitors to increase their own benefits. This can improve the security for your strategy!