About Us

We are advanced value chain architects and technology specialists. International trade of strong brands and special niche markets according to the requirements of our serial customers. We offer the best technology solutions for the specific customer requirements.

Today we find fast-paced consumer markets in most industries. Look beyond your own borders and understand, that the entire value chain is responsible for the final result. The end customer, who will buy your products, can only see this result in his hand, and we will help you to optimize its performance, costs and brand power. It is all about No1-understanding!

Great products and achievements are the result of the outstanding performance of the best player/teams on the ground. When you offer the market such products and services, you need visionary ideas, sophisticated design, the very best specialists for every aspect, dedicated engineers, most efficient and specialized manufacturing facilities across many companies, and you will surely need a perfect and integer project management, that can manage all the interfaces between technologies, companies, and diverting interests across the process oriented cross-company cooperation. Yes, we have the common interest to serve the best customers in the world and do good business with that. Yes, that is No1 intertrading Limited – we specialize on managing Know-How and Value Chains!

The perfect value chain is employing the right business partners and it goes beyond that. Let us speak about a sustainable business model and product life time management. Some of your products may be “babies”, “Stars”, “Cash Cows”, that sooner or later settle as “poor dogs”. Product management and Sales will connect to the customers to feed back the needs of the market for even better results tomorrow. We help you to improve the performance of your value creation process along the product life cycle all across company borders at the extent of your choice to achieve sustainable business success. Yes, this and much more is No1 intertrading business consulting.

We are a Hong Kong based corporation with business consultants, product managers, engineers, sourcing specialists and value chain architects. We are specialized on the huge chances of connecting the Chinese/SE-Asian markets with the western markets in both directions. We are information specialists with the highest level of integrity. Sourcing with us can be your competitive advantage.