No1 intertrading

iT as International Trade

We offer the best technology solutions for the specific market requirements. We are representation of famous quality brands and also, we have special products manufactured according to our specifications in selected factories. We serve strategic markets and clients in following points

No1 International trade will bring you the strong brands and quality products into the growing markets. We serve large scale industry production as well as special niche markets with great potential.

Our customers appreciate the reduced risk of international trade, because we offer them dealing within the western culture and legal framework. We are your trusted trade partner and open you the door to exciting opportunities in China and SE-Asia at our own risk for your benefits.

We act as intermediate contract partner with you, so you (our customers) stay invisible for the suppliers and therefore the competitors. Your integrity is our task. None of your knowledge or business information will be disclosed, so you have no risk of comprising loss of information.

OEM manufacturing can be based on open calculations and advanced forms of cooperation to serve your need for low cost and high quality production in China. This is an advanced form of value creation with high transparency without legal bindings in an joint venture.
China sourcing is exciting and full of great opportunities. But it may also be an endless mine-field of legal and cultural obstacles. Usually your goods will only leave the factory after you pay 100%, but are you sure you get what you are paying for? We trade on basis of professional risk assessment and risk management with audited Chinese factories and a lot of experience. Often pre-shipment inspections are executed before the final payment is released to the supplier.
To reduce the risk in international payment processing with unknown business partners (TT, LoC, Currency conversion, banking fees etc.)
With focus on SE-Asia in general and especially the great opportunities of China and Vietnam
Cooperation with independent laboratories and specialists to cross check any supplier certificates if they may be in doubt.
We have the knowledge of important / relevant European / international regulations such as EMC, LVD, RoHS, EFSA, FDA, etc., so you can be sure the product you import into your market can really fulfill your legal and technical requirements.