No1 Business and Management Consulting

iT as Integrity in successful transformation

We analyze and optimize your value creation process at three different levels

  • The direct product- and portfolio-level. This is showing a direct lever, changes are immediate and easy to control.
  • Optimization on the process- and management-level may show a higher impact. It has direct influence on the product- and portfolio-level, but it is going beyond that and improving the overall performance in operations systematically.
  • The highest impact with the longest leverage effect is the strategic level of organizational performance alignment with the future portfolio. Budgeting is future planning with assigning the resources necessary to realize great business opportunities. Sounds easy, but how many business know what will be the trend in 3 or 5 years? Developing new products bear many risk: will there be a demand for my product in future? May there be strong competitors? Is the sourcing side a limitation in my plan? Could alternative technologies comprise this new ground breaking plans?

The only static in our world is the constant change. Once there was one corporation that had more than 40% global market share and its products dominated the market.

Yes, until the smart phone appeared and 2 years later this greatest company had vanished from earth. We are No1 strategy- and change-specialists that have insight and great impact.

  • Controlling, benchmarking, internal/external analysis
  • Process and Enterprise diagnosis, Organigram / Sociogram
  • Strategic positioning and opportunities (from organizational strengths) and operational optimization and continuous improvement (immanent weakness)
  • Strategy execution and implementation for higher efficiency and organizational effectiveness even against resistance to sustain success

We offer expertise and we are also willing to take responsibility for that. We offer our knowledge as Interim-Managers in Austria, Germany and China. Sometimes a European Corporation is considering to take the step into the Chinese market. This may be on the sourcing side, but more and more great brands have discovered the huge opportunities that are in China as a market for your great products.

In China there is one picture, that you should always remember, when you take your strategic decisions: One bed but two different dreams.

Our experience in the western/eastern culture gives us the deep understanding to set up diverse forms of cooperations in the way, that it can be successful. If you know your negotiation power and keep in focus your true aim, and you treat your Asian partner with the respect he deserves, then you will be very successful in developing Win-Win business relations.

2 out of 3 M&A cannot succeed as planned. Often it is called a lack of cultural fit. Yes, we do not deny that, but we also believe, that with a wise change process many of these M&A could have been a great success.


Between equal happen very seldom. There will always be one junior partner and as in many marriages there will be many things that need to be sorted out and negotiated. Furthermore, the real problems start, when it comes to the project execution and it becomes obvious, that there are so many conflicting interests in so many details. Don’t risk the overall performance of your business, ask No1 professionals to assist you in this change process from the very beginning.

When is the right beginning? A good start is the choice of the fitting partner. This requires analysis to find the double strategic fit . Complementary markets and portfolios sound great, and a vertical integration also, but things and especially success will go deeper.

We will help you to plan and moderate things early, so things are executed smoothly, but when things escalate, the problems are easy to see, but usually the damage is difficult to repair.


Are a lot clearer because the set of options and the power is distributed in favour of the buying partner. But again, sheer force cannot guarantee you the ongoing success. What you may earn from force, is a resistance underneath of the surface. With such a team of middle managers, that are pulling apart from the bottom, you cannot succeed in todays most competitive markets. Take experienced and qualified No1-change agents and experienced consultants / interims managers to win in this transformation. Business is not democracy! The shareholder risk their assets and have the right to decide which way to go. But smart stakeholder-management will reduce the resistance in the organization and therefore your new corporation will faster enter the performing state, which in return will save you very big money.

Smart Global Value Chain Architecture

Imagine you can control the entire value chain from the sub-suppliers of your manufacturing factory in China until the end customer in Europe! This business concept may be the royal discipline in value chain architecture.

  • Cross-corporate process management with pure process orientation
  • Shareholder value and stakeholder balance
  • Optimization of corporate and individual taxation aspects
  • Mining industry in Africa with first grade raw materials such as oil/gas, gold, diamonds can greatly improve your strategic investment portfolio.
  • Electronics and start-up companies in growing markets. The earlier you invest the higher the share and opportunity to multiply your return on invest.
  • Real estate and land development projects in PPP promise good earnings at very moderate risk.
  • Projects in accordance with CSR allow great social/environmeltal impact and still have a good return on invest. Usually the risk assessment for such project is very good.
We provide coaching at all levels, especially the senior executive level, but we also develop young professionals to prepare them for future responsibilities. We are training the trainers, and sparring partner to the Director and the Board. Leadership can be a lonely job, where everybody constantly asks you for the right answers, the right directions and there are so little qualified people around you to reflect those important decisions you have to take every day. Yes, you can be sure, with No1 coaching you will the anchor for your staff even in the bad weather. And on the next morning you will find the sun is shining again.